Wake the witch within

Tarot Readings

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Shadow Work

The shadow is a concept created by psychologist Carl Jung. It refers to our darkness, the unhealed trauma, bad habits, or parts of us that we deem "ugly" - the dark things that we repress and bury within ourselves.
Shadow work can bring you self-confidence, strength, and a sense of calm. It is a deep self-reflection that helps you conquer your darkness, achieving healing of both the mind and spirit.

Magickal AF

Bespoke products created with strong intentions and positive vibes to help you with your witchy endeavors.


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Sacred Smoke Herbals

Sacred Smoke Herbals hosts a collection of plant spirit offerings, handcrated and sourced with the intention of honoring the Mother Earth. Utilize the healing powers of plants through our beautiful selection of CBD-based products & plant blended oils - from bath bombs to creams.

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Charming Creek Co.

Charming Creek Co creates a variety of magical items from altar decor, jewelry, body ritual care items & more.

The Garden Gate Hollow

Follow the path beyond the garden gate and find the enchanted wonders waiting for you there...

The Garden Gate Hollow is a husband-and-wife owned shop who specializes in oracle card decks, readings, flower essences, and other diviniation tools.

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Blessed Be

  • Portrait of Panda.

    Nature is My Religion

    Arcane Panda is a Pagan-based company that focuses on holistic health and healing located in Oregon. Striving to bring you spritual self-care and bespoke products that are eco-friendly and zero-waste.

  • As Within, So Without

    Real wellness comes from living in balance. I work hard to create products and provide services to help you achieve & maintain that balance through different crystal properties, nature, and divination such as

    • shadow work
    • tarot readings
    • oracle readings
    • tea leaf readings
    • dream interpretation
    • pendulum readings
    • palmistry

  • Cards, Crystals, Candles, Clothing

    Arcane Panda was created to help bring the divine to your everyday life. Products available

    • intention candles
      • 100% soy wax, with a specific crystal
    • bespoke clothing & accessories
      • shirts, hoodies, bags, and mugs
    • bath bombs
    • organic loofah soaps

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